Monday, July 19, 2010

La Planete Sauvage

For some obscure reason, I have been delving into sci-fi, fantasy and post-apocalyptic films lately. I am even digging up The Abyss and District 9 again for some crazy cosmic fare. I am not sure why as I have a very low threshold when it comes to futuristic, Armageddon-type story lines. I get extremely paranoid. But I'm also a sucker for punishment, so I feel I must get my hands on cult classic La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet). It has some really freaky Czech animation courtesy of the Jiri Trnka Studio ("Walt Disney of the East") which reminds me a lot of the Moomin series (which freaked the heck out of me as a kid). Also, the incredible Madlib aka Quasimoto uses a lot of the film's sound bites on his brilliant album The Unseen. I am really curious to see it, but I am getting goosebumps already.

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