Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vuvuzela Concert

A little fun: the vuvuzela is used to cover Brahm and Ravel. Knowing that this was a mistake, but its too late to turn back now: Stefan's face just says it all. Thanks Kurt.

Cadbury's Flake

Don't quite know how to feel about the new Cadbury's Flake ad. Really beautiful visuals, perfect Alexander McQueen gown and the simplicity of no pay-off line - its pretty brave. However, a little pretentious for a chocolate brand that made great waves with the drumming Gorilla?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hero #1: Janelle Monae

Hot property right now. The blogosphere has been hyping up this lady for a while and her killer video "Tightrope" , and many cannot seem to forget about her amazing James Brown-esque performance on David Letterman. If you get a chance, read her Wiki - she is clearly a very ambitious lady with her album set out in different suites with all-encompassing back story and forthcoming graphic novel and android in tow. I saw her a year ago in this and was immediately intrigued - a bit of a female Andre 3000. And her too-cool vintage Motown style doesn't hurt in breaking stereotypes about what it takes for a young lady to sell music these days. She even scored a pretty rare top review on Pitchfork. Pure Talent!

Trivia: the Coca-Cola "Open Happiness" track was her first commercial single. Go Figure.


Thanks to my friend Ryna for introducing me the amazing work from Blu. Do check out their mind blowing videos and crazy sketchbooks. Picking a few images to post was hard.

The Big Caption

Haven't been posting for a while -been thrown head first into a slew of World Cup parties and birthday celebrations. My budget (and hungover brain) is pretty fried, so I am distracting myself with some much needed joy at The Big Caption.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cheer Up Keanu day

The internet can turn into a pretty vicious place when it comes to celebrity public image, yet something about this feels pretty heartfelt. The man who once saved Zion from eternal damnation needs some saving himself it seems. Today is "Cheer Up Keanu" Day. Send him some good vibes, won't you. More here and here.

That Tree

The weather is pretty bleak outside, so I am looking for a little skip in my step. This video is doing the trick. I love the art direction: something different for Snoop, but just what I'd expect from geek-chic Kid Cudi.

Winter Night Market

This is where i'll be tonight. Yum!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Annie Leibovitz and the World Cup

One awesome weekend behind me - it was a great kick off to one of the biggest events of our time. Now with all the partying behind me (until Wednesday when South Africa plays again, of course) I am determined to educate yourself about the major players of the game with this issue. And only the combination of the enigmatic Annie Leibovitz and a Vanity Fair cover could get these boys down their boxers. More great coverage here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kintintale Skate Park

Beautiful inspiring documentary piece by Yann Gross on skateboarding in Uganda.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kehinde Wiley for PUMA

Adidas and NIKE are all over the place with fierce, flashy work for the World Cup, but the real, sincere pieces are coming out of PUMA. As a major sponsor for many African teams, they captured what the game is about. You've probably seen their phenomenal, Gnarls Barkley-esque tv commercial, but its their work with decadent, classic New York artist Kehinde Wiley that is doing my head in. I remember seeing Wiley's work in the Art Issue of Vanity Fair years ago and I have been a fan ever since. I just had to buy his laces for PUMA, of course.

And wouldn't it be awesome if an African team made it to the finals?

via astore

"Feel it. It is Here"

Yup, World Cup 2010 Football-Fever has gripped us at the waist and is shaking our booty for the good times to come. It's really full blown now. And I don't even have a ticket to a game, I am embarassed to say. Here are some highlights I am enjoying on the soccer front anyway:

Cool illustration from the lovely boys of onehorsetown:

Keen to catch the last screenings of this this week:

And if you're too cool to don a football jersey but still customised your own vuvuzela, go here:

Also catching an inter-agency football match tomorrow. Note: must pack gluhwein!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Taste in Fashion

Too busy looking too damn fabulous to eat? Here - try these delicious accessories, as seen in Fulvio Bonavia's book Matter of Taste.

Nikki Graziano

More pretty picts - Nikki Graziano's Found Functions. Perfect for the lucky bastards with balanced right-left brain interests.

Katherine Wolkoff

I think this is a great new way to look at wildlife photography and detail in nature as showcased by these silhouette birds by Katherine Wolkoff.

Aya Kakeda

A bookmark I have long forgotten: Embroidered fantasy worlds by Aya Kakeda.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dead Man's Bones

Gotta say I was a little bit sceptical when I heard Ryan Gosling (albeit a hot piece) was taking on the music world. Another perfectly gifted actor destroying their credibility because they can hum a few bars - yeuch. I can happily say I was wrong and quite dig Dead Man's Bones. Damn spooky, dreamy, a little bit Canadian, Ryan and partner Zach Shields turned out a decent thing - Halloween hipster I shall call it.