Thursday, January 28, 2010

Icon lost

Here I am giggling away and dropped when I suddenly realised an icon is gone. J.D. Salinger, probably one of the most notable and obtrusive authors of the 20th century, has died. I remember reading The Catcher in the Rye a few years ago because I had always wondered about notoriety, and honestly left it a bit disappointed. However, speaking to a number of friends, I found out it is really a "boy book". Now that his dead, will it finally be turned into a movie, and who will play Holden Caulfield? Now must read Franny and Zooey!

Mr Perfect

Hey All! What a great, albeit frantic, week it's been. I have been running on empty for days now but still manage to catch a break every now and then. And a laugh - my latest being this tv commercial from GQ titled"Perfect Man". Keeps me laughing, a great track and great performance by the lead. As a newly single girl, I have been told by friends to make a list of the qualities I want to find in my next BIG love, and now I know (as much as I love them) why I don't always take their advice.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fashion Dolls

Oi, if I was 8, I would beg my parents for one of these. I am loving these Fashion Dolls sporting the latest in Spring 2010 looks, and the beautiful things are going for about $600 each. My Princess Barbie and her pink taffeta dress would cower in shame.

Katie Eary, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens and Lanvin

By the way, check out Katie Eary's Spring 2010 collection further if you can. It was based on Burrough's trippy novel "Naked Lunch". Really theatrical and edgy, it's quite a show. She only graduated from the Royal College of Art (my mecca) in 2008, but can count a few celebs in her fanmail including the wickedly eccentric Lady Gaga, of course. She's doing a line for TOPMAN, so I'll keep you plugged.

Gaga Cookies

You know you've hit the big time when they start baking things in your image. Here are some adorable Lady Gaga cookies. Now what do I wear when I'm biting into one of these?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cupboard Purge

I love my clothes but there are a few pieces I am holding onto for sentimental reasons and are not flattering. I want a few classic pieces with an edge or quirky details. They're difficult to find, but then I came across Lover and oh, how I swooned. One of each please!

I will be visiting their site regularly I'm sure, so will keep you posted on any new finds and wardrobe inspirations.

Interview Magazine's 20 Most Beautiful People of the Decade

Now the thing is with lists like this is that they feel so subjective or so transparent in their alterior motives, that I rarely pay them much attention. Also, they give me a hell of a complex. However, the photography and the interviews of some of these stars are great and sweet - my favourites being Pharrell, Milla and Chace. As for Zac Efron and Ashley Greene on the list - um, well, looks like the tweens really are taking over. Sigh, now if only Nate Archibald really had those tats. Check out the entire list here.

Rainer Sphel

Rainer Spehl is an amazingly talented designer and works on products for Gucci, Nike and Dior. I have seen his iconic laptop case before, but the some of his pieces are even more simple and outstanding.

Loving the giant Qoffee cups. An ex-boyfriend of mine would've jumped at getting the Football light.

Hello 2010!

Okay, okay, so the New Year wish is real late, but I thought I'd give it some love anyway. Wow, it's been bloody ages. I have been in it since I got back to work. And now feel like I have some free time.

Found a new place to stay - its great, cosy with an amazing harbor view. It looks a right mess today so I won't be posting any pix. However I found these amazing images of the house of Delfin + Postigo. It amazes me with all their beautiful, drool-worthy pieces how airy it still feels. Oh, looks like home to me.

More here.

And on that subject of salivation, check out this limited edition Leica M8. I have loved Leicas for years now but cannot get the budget together to purchase one of these puppies - there's always a very appealing pair of boots I'm after first. Although, I might just save for this one.