Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hero #1: Janelle Monae

Hot property right now. The blogosphere has been hyping up this lady for a while and her killer video "Tightrope" , and many cannot seem to forget about her amazing James Brown-esque performance on David Letterman. If you get a chance, read her Wiki - she is clearly a very ambitious lady with her album set out in different suites with all-encompassing back story and forthcoming graphic novel and android in tow. I saw her a year ago in this and was immediately intrigued - a bit of a female Andre 3000. And her too-cool vintage Motown style doesn't hurt in breaking stereotypes about what it takes for a young lady to sell music these days. She even scored a pretty rare top review on Pitchfork. Pure Talent!

Trivia: the Coca-Cola "Open Happiness" track was her first commercial single. Go Figure.

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