Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello 2010!

Okay, okay, so the New Year wish is real late, but I thought I'd give it some love anyway. Wow, it's been bloody ages. I have been in it since I got back to work. And now feel like I have some free time.

Found a new place to stay - its great, cosy with an amazing harbor view. It looks a right mess today so I won't be posting any pix. However I found these amazing images of the house of Delfin + Postigo. It amazes me with all their beautiful, drool-worthy pieces how airy it still feels. Oh, looks like home to me.

More here.

And on that subject of salivation, check out this limited edition Leica M8. I have loved Leicas for years now but cannot get the budget together to purchase one of these puppies - there's always a very appealing pair of boots I'm after first. Although, I might just save for this one.

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