Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Four Eyes

So sad. I went to the opthamologist this morning with hopes to be admitted for Lasik eye surgery. I have been wearing specs for 22 years. I felt like I needed a change and a new lease on life. I'm looking for a new job, new love, summer is here - why not get a new look, right? Unfortunately, I am not suitable candidate for the surgery as my corneas are too thin. It is something I was born with and will have to live with. Really disappointed, but am reassured that technology advances everyday and maybe they'll make something that'll work for me.

If only they could spend some time developing better sunglasses for the severely vision impaired instead of thick lenses in crappy frames, or [eek] clip-ons! My extreme sensitivity to objects in my eye and light prevents me from getting darn contact lenses, But I need decent sunnies. Darn it! Weak eyes = sensitive eyes = no contact lenses = no fancy sunnies = [eek] clip-ons!

So, to cheer me up, I am perusing Extreme Eyewear and other spectacle stores for a new set of frames. If I am gonna be stuck with them, they'd better be awesome. Nerd!

Check out these from Extreme Eyewear.

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