Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bag o' Dreams

For many months now, I have been hunting for the perfect everyday bag. A holdall which is small enough to find my cellphone quickly but big enough to hold a sketchbook and a favorite scarf. With a strap that is ornate and bulky, nips in ta the waist but doesn't graze the upper arm or cut into my shoulders. In a semi-hard leather that ages perfectly. Classic but filled with surprises.

Am I asking too much?

And when I do spot something that just meets these criteria, I flake because the price for such perfection is often high. However, I have decided to instead save and carefully invest (keyword) in a piece that ultimately fulfills and no longer compromise (and oh how I have compromised).

I have loved these puppies from local brand Missibaba for some time and they are definitely making my shortlist.

By the way, the photography is absolutely no testament to how beautiful these bags really are.

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